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Music, Arts & Education
Music, Arts & Education
Piano and Organ   Theory, performance technique, composition and improvisation.
Computer Lab   Computer, MIDI keyboard, music software. Orchestration study.
Voice   Private voice class - technique and performance coaching.
Theater Arts   Acting technique and scene study class. Public speaking and personal presentation
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Joe Kurasz
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JOE KURASZ composed original song "Intergeneration" performed by NJ Intergenerational Orchestra at Lincoln Center and on NBC's "4 Stories" show. Composes music for "Guiding Light" daytime soap, "The Bravest", and "B. Smith With Style". Original song "Just A Simple Song" voted #1 Jazz Song in Billboard Magazine's Songwriting Competition. Received credit for his contribution to Disney's 4 CD Box Set "The Music Behind The Magic" featuring composer Alan Menken
Patricia Kurasz

Patricia Kurasz

PATRICIA KURASZ Co-produced the CD "Elements Of Style" for Ren Music's Record Label broadcasted on over 130 stations nationwide. Performed over 300 Voice-Overs and Vocals for commercials in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami. Creator/Instructor of Theater Arts Camp at Union County College. Director and choreographer of Multi-Cultural Educational Programs for school-age children.
Donna Vaupel

Associate Director
Donna Vaupel

DONNA VAUPEL BA in Education, minor in Theater Arts; MA in Education/Administration with specialization in Gifted and Talented; Educator, consultant, workshop presenter. Selected NJ Teacher of the Year 2000 by the NJ Association for Gifted Children. Received New Jersey Arts for Every Kid grant for writing "Dilemmas and Decisions" involving the creation of original skits to teach conflict resolution.
Directors are all voting members of the
National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc.
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